What is Facilities Management?

April is a time of positivity, the clocks have sprung forward and the evenings are getting lighter along with peoples’ moods. The long dark days of winter are behind us, summer is around the corner and the desire to clean is in us, well at least in some of us!

Spring is here


Why do we clean in the spring? What is it that makes most people want to sift through all their belongings and get rid of unwanted items and also clean everything with a renewed vigour. It is innate; if you can imagine the days before central heating, spring was a time when the days got warmer and longer, we could venture out of our homes and shed clothing that we had worn all winter. It was also the best time to have a wash. Spring-cleaning is just an extension of this. When we think of spring-cleaning now, we usually think of this as cleaning our habitat but back only a hundred years or so, this was also the reason for spring weddings. Nuptials would take place after the spring bath and before we got too smelly again with the ensuing heat! Charming thought, I know!

What’s behind those office cabinets


Spring is a good time to get your offices in order. Winter hides a lot of cleaning sins, but the sunshine starts to seek out these lapses and makes them glaringly obvious. Before you can start really cleaning, it is best to clear out as much stuff as possible. A clutter-free office is much easier to clean than one filled to the gunwales with old boxes, unused office equipment etc. Sort by type rather than by room; split the clearing down into the following categories: office equipment, office furniture, stationery, books and magazines and don’t forget the kitchen area. This means that you can deal with each category across the office once and for all and you can allocate a place for everything going forward and hopefully the following year’s spring clear out will not be as laborious. Or you can ask us to do it for you

what is facilities management
what is facilities management

You could let Sovereign Property Facilities Ltd take care of your cleaning

Once the clearing has been done and all desks have been made clutter-free zones (well, we can all dream!), it is now time to instruct your cleaners to undertake a full, deep clean. Start with the windows; dirty, streaky windows are really noticeable with the lighter days and appearance of sun. Remember, windows in the communal areas are the first things that are seen by visitors as they come to visit your offices. They might not comment on it but it doesn’t reflect well on how people perceive you. Next tackle the big objects; fridges, freezers, carpets, windows and hard to reach places are ripe for a clean after the winter. There is something uplifting and reinvigorating about working in a spruced up office; everyone benefits from the clear out and it is amazing how much space is freed up as a result.

Don’t forget to recycle or sell as much as the unwanted pieces as possible – maybe this extra little bit of money could be put towards the summer party!

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