Facilities Management

A comprehensive range of facilities services, always delivered at first-class quality

We have 10 years of experience in providing on-site commercial solutions for a wide range of companies. This experience, coupled with our polite and friendly manner, places us as a leading supplier of efficient and specialist facility services. Our knowledgeable team provide both a pro-active and re-active service. Allow us to take care of all your facility management needs.

facilities management London

Experience Sovereign, the gold standard in property facilities in London. We guarantee you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us earlier.

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facility management companies london

Our customers experience efficient tailor-made facility services.

We provide the highest standard of cleaning possible, because we understand how your business looks reflects on you, and how you look reflects on us.

Our team are trustworthy and care about their daily tasks, and we provide them with the best tools to perform their role.

We can also help you with all Tupe needs.

facilities management companies london

Window Cleaning



Clients and potential customers don’t often stop to admire clean windows, but they’re the first to notice when they’re dirty.

Regular window cleaning is vital in the UK because of our unpredictable weather. Dirty windows harm the image of your company, and can have a negative impact on staff morale.

We undertake all aspects of window cleaning, from residential to commercial buildings.

Our operational team is highly trained, highly motivated, and fully insured.

facilities management companies london

Hygiene Services



We take hygiene extremely seriously.

Since the emergence of super-bugs and viruses, appropriate hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Get it wrong, employ a company who turns a blind eye, and the result could be staff calling in sick. Our team are thorough, dependable and friendly, managing each area under our guidelines.

This flexible facilities management service suits all budgets. So let us take care of the hygiene, so you can get on with the business.

What we cover with our Hygiene Services:

Washroom Services

Sanitary Waste

Air Fresh Management

Water Management

facilities management companies london

Landscaping & Plant Displays


facilities management companies london

We all know first impressions count.

Well-maintained grounds impress visitors, as well as provide your teams with pleasant working environments.

The right look can make a big difference to the feel of your business; the wrong look can set a negative tone.

Our landscaping team are passionate about creating beautiful spaces, and are highly experienced at finding the balance between nature and a professional corporate appeal. We understand that you have choice of many facilities management companies, but our unique selling point is that we pay particular attention to the finer detail others miss.

facilities management companies london



facility management companies london

Security is essential for any business to operate safely.

If the security team is professional and well trained, you won’t even know they are there.

However, employ the wrong security company and friction can be caused with an overzealous confrontational approach.

Ensuring a correct balance is what we at Sovereign do best.

We provide professional security that ensures a safe working space, which does not encroach on personal freedom.

We employ intelligent, experienced security personnel, who understand their environment.

We provide a full range of security services, from a team on the ground to the equipment used, the installation and operation of CCTV, alarm system monitoring, mobile patrols, electronic doors and consultancy.

Building Maintenance

From small repairs to major refurbishments, you can trust us to take the strain. Our attention to detail means that deadlines and budgets are met for every project, from routine inspections, right up to large refurbishments. No matter how big or small, we can help you with all your building maintenance needs.

Property Management

Our team have over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of property management, and we’re pleased to offer a full service to any business, taking care of anything that might come up. We become the plumber, the electrician, the locksmith, the decorator, the builder and the gardener: a one-stop 5-star solution for all your needs as a landlord.

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