Welcome to Sovereign Facilities Christmas Tree service. Start your christmas off right with one of our fantastic bundles. Its so easy! Simply pick the size of tree you would like, then create your ultimate Christmas bundle!

What tree is complete without a nice set of lights? choose the number you require, then decide whether you want our cool ‘Ice White’ lights, or our homely ‘Warm White’ ones, both are bound to make your tree sparkle.

Decorations time, we offer a range of coloured decorations, ranging from the ‘traditional’ green and gold colours, to the stylish ‘Midnight Blue’ or ‘Dove Grey’.

Want to take away all the hassle of installation? We’ve got you covered, our decoration service means you won’t have to lift a finger, we’ll install and decorate your tree for you, whilst you sit back and watch the magic happen!

Simply pick your stand size and you’re ready to go!

Make Christmas special this year, with Sovereign Facilities.

Sovereign Facilities Christmas Tree Service

Browse our range of Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees, the most popular tree in the United Kingdom. Reliably durable and beautifully symmetrical, the Nordmann Fir’s dark green broad needles and child friendly foliage make this tree a must have for any family home at Christmas. Order now for 5 day delivery, London only.
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